Tell Us About Telos

Penny Sparks — Telos Founder

Hi! My name is Penny Sparks...

...and my quest for optimal nutrition began in my twenties when I got very sick while carrying my first and only child. Those were the good ol’ days in the food industry. The “health nuts,” as they called us, came together in the aisles of the hippie grocery stores to share our insights on keeping each other healthy in a food industry where conventional was king and bologna was on trend. This was our social media. We didn’t have organic, whole foods groceries delivered to our door steps from a smartphone. We had rotary phones and memorized our family members phone numbers. But enough nostalgia...

My healing journey lead me to a world outside of allopathic medicine, and into the world of holistic healing and health. Telling it to you straight, how can we defend our bodies with better foods and less drugs. I then began my journey as a student of natural healing through whole foods, herbs, and whole food supplements. I learned how amazingly the body can heal itself when fed organic whole foods, and it changed my world. I became a disciple of God’s medicine - whole foods and herbs.

Yep, I’m the Boulder Grandma that makes homemade formula for her grandchildren because I care about the those beautiful babies so much, and I love being able to use my passion and learnings from the natural foods world to give them a better life. Truly, it is a gift to be able to nourish and serve my family and others through the knowledge I have been thankful to gain from some pretty incredible people throughout my life. 

I have been waiting and learning nearly my entire life to share with the world the nutritious foods I have been creating for my family, friends and myself. It has been my dream and I am so grateful to offer Telos Foods to you and your family. 

Penny Sparks, Holistic Nutritionist

Telos Founder + Owner