What's Next for Telos

What's Next for Telos
2020 has reaffirmed my commitment to doing the next right thing. I can't predict the future or always see the full picture but I can always make the next right choice.
My purpose, and only goal, with Telos is to bring you the highest quality fuel so that you can be emboldened and energized in *your purpose*. That means sourcing the highest quality ingredients, formulating the perfect balance, and putting into practice everything I've learned in my decades of study in holistic nutrition.
That means when my coffee supplier couldn't deliver the organic, air dried coffee processed without the use of any chemicals this summer I needed to pause and find the correct replacement. Not the cheapest, not the fastest, the best.
I'm happy announce I'm close to this replacement and the Lattes you've been missing are coming back soon. Additionally, the environmentally friendly (and more convenient for this phase of life where we are much more home bound) option of bulk Telos product is nearly ready.
Being a small business owner is not for the faint of heart, never has this been more true than this year. I cannot thank you enough for your continued support and inspiration.
Fuel your purpose!
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