Laura & Penny — Cake & Coffee

Laura & Penny — Cake & Coffee

In celebration of our collaboration, Laura's daughter and business partner, Tiana asked us a few questions about our decade long friendship. It was so fun to answer these! 

How did you two become such close friends?

Penny: "The first time I met Laura we instantly connected. We are a lot alike and it was nice to talk with someone who got me. There has never been a need to explain to each other how we think. It's uncanny how much we think alike. Life's journeys-- sweet and sour have a way of uniting people. We have similar shared journeys. Especially recently, and that has brought us even closer. We are both founders and CEOs of our small women owned and women run companies. Being an entrepreneur is no easy feat, so having someone who's where you are and understands what it entails is wonderful."

Laura: "While we've been friends nearly 10 years, our connection grew greatly over the past year when we had dinner and decided it was past time to work together as women business owners! We both have a background in running and I believe that detail has also contributed to our bond. Runners have a different mindset. We ARE two peas in a pod! Tornadoes and sunshine, as Penny pointed out once."

Tornadoes and sunshine, love that! How do your differences compliment each other?

Penny: "I am more pragmatic in some ways and she is more daring and bold in other ways. It serves us well. It's like thinking with both sides of your brain when we are together. I know that sounds like an oxymoron since we are a lot alike, but our differences are definitely there as well. And those differences are a positive that work well for both of us."

Laura: "She is an introvert, I am not. She can be more direct than I, as I know how to turn on the charm, when necessary. Not much else except that when one of us is down, the other is ready to kick some butt and will do so, accordingly! We both know how to push hard and not relent. Timing is key for both!" 

What do you admire about one another?

Penny: "Laura's energy and zest for life inspires me. She's very creative and bold. I love both attributes. She's also a lot of fun, and stays in the positive."

Laura: "I admire Penny’s strength, dedication, drive (as an accomplished runner and businesswoman). More importantly, she says it like it is and doesn’t apologize! I love her openness and fire!"


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