Functional Coffee

Functional Coffee

Coffee is a remarkable beverage and is fantastic in so many ways like benefiting our health, giving us energy and bringing us together. The impact of coffee on our culture is vast and most of us fall to sleep thinking about our morning cup. Brewed coffee by itself, especially organic, can have a positive effect on our bod with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties. Adding functional ingredients to coffee like macronutrients such as healthy protein or fats, and adaptogenic herbs like turmeric will amplify these benefits while improving your well-being in many other ways.

Benefits of Functional Coffee (and Tea!)

  • Balance the Side Effects of Coffee: More energy with less jitters. Collagen protein helps alleviate heartburn and the stomach acid some experience when drinking coffee. The amino acids glutamine and glycine aid in both gut health and healing. It also helps minimize the crash often experienced from consuming caffeine by itself.
  • Stabilize Blood Sugar: Feel satiated and reduce hunger spikes. The combination of collagen protein and healthy fat from coconut milk will keep your blood sugar balanced and feeling satiated for longer. The medium chain triglycerides, MCT’s, in coconut milk improves glucose tolerance and the bodies ability to process sugar into usable energy, and moderate amounts of protein converts to glucose slowly avoiding blood glucose levels from dropping too fast or too low. Starting or ending your day with a blend of these macronutrients is a fantastic way to promote healthy metabolism in your body and calm your endocrine system.
  • Less Brain Fog: Keep your mind clear and brain healthy. Coconut milk contains high quality MCT’s which provide an immediate source of energy for your brain. Food has a major impact on brain health, a lack of healthy fat and protein, or too much sugar or refined carbohydrates can lead to brain fog and an inability to focus. Turmeric is also known to enhance brain function.
  • Reduce Body Inflammation: Mother Nature is the best source for anti-inflammatories. Adaptogenic herbs like turmeric and ginger root are very beneficial in reducing chronic inflammation which lingers in your body causing damage to tissues and organs. Major diseases like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, depression, and Alzheimer’s have been linked to chronic inflammation.  Remember to consume turmeric with a dash of black pepper to maximize its’ bioavailability. Controlling your blood sugar is also effective in limiting inflammation.
  • Skin Health: Take advantage of the anti-aging benefits of collagen. Consuming collagen protein helps restore the collagen in your body that declines with age, and without enough collagen your skin loses its elasticity, which contributes to wrinkles and sagging skin. Our skin is over 75% collagen so it is important to foster collagen production in order to promote elastin development and skin health. The benefits of collagen are maximized through ingesting it as opposed to topical solutions. Turmeric is also anti-aging and supports the formation of elastin.



How to Supercharge your Coffee and Tea

The Precious First Cup: We all have our favorite ways to make coffee each morning. We recommend starting with organic coffee beans that have been processed without any chemicals in order to protect your health alongside the farmers and the land. Add a Telos Collagen Booster to your first cup of the day to maximize the functional characteristics of the collagen protein and healthy fat blend. For additional anti-inflammatory benefits try our Turmeric flavor. Also available in Original (flavorless) for those looking for a healthy creamer alternative, or our fan favorite Vanilla.

On-The-Go: Running out the door to make it to work, catch the train, get the kids to school, attend an early workout class? We made our Collagen Coffee Latte’s with your fast-paced lifestyle in mind. Just add hot water and in seconds you have a delicious, high quality, functional instant coffee that is going to kick off your day and health to a great start.

Enhance Your Coffee Shop Latte: We love meeting with friends and working at our favorite coffee shops. Bring along a Telos Collagen Booster to enhance that perfectly drawn Americano into a hard-working latte avoiding the awkward milk conversation and the added sugar from syrups. Or into matcha? The Original Collagen Booster makes a delicious matcha latte, perfect for afternoon productivity and the matcha powder has many health benefits as well.

Night-Time Tea: There are many non-caffeinated teas that help calm and heal your body while you sleep like chamomile, rooibos, lavender and roasted dandelion.  Adding a Collagen Booster to your night time tea ritual will aid in providing you a more restful sleep because it helps stabilize your blood sugar and calm your endocrine system. The healthy protein and fat in the Telos Boosters will also help you stave off late night cravings and keep your body satiated throughout the night. Our Vanilla Booster pairs well with lavender or chamomile tea, the Turmeric is delicious with dandelion or rooibos and we love our Original Booster with Yogi Bedtime and Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime teas.


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