Collagen Overnight Oats

Collagen Overnight Oats

Set yourself up for success β€” make tomorrow’s delicious and nutritious breakfast in minutes right now πŸ‘‡


πŸ₯„ Add Telos Collagen, oat milk, chia seeds, and peanut butter to a jar β€” stir to combine.
🍁 Add maple syrup and oats and stir a few more times.
🧊 Cover securely with a lid and refrigerate overnight (or at least 6 hrs).
πŸ˜‹ The next day, open and enjoy as is or garnish with desired toppings.

Overnight Oats


1/2 cup oat milk (or sub other dairy-free milk)
3/4 Tbsp chia seeds
2 Tbsp peanut butter (or sub other nut/seed butter)
1 Tbsp maple syrup
1/2 cup rolled oats
1 scoop Telos Collagen Peptides


Sliced banana

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