Collagen Bedtime Tea

Collagen Bedtime Tea

Sleep is vital. It's when your body makes repairs from your heart and blood vessels to that papercut you got at work. Our hormones use the downtime to regulate and come into balance. Recently it was found that sleep even allows your brain to do some housecleaning by removing toxins that build up during waking hours. Memory, mood, performance, appetite, cardiovascular health, libido... everything is supported to work optimally with a good night of sleep!

But as you know a 'good' night of sleep can be hard to come by. We are chronically overstimulated. The hormone adrenaline when long-lasting (hello, chronic stress) can prompt adrenocorticotrophic to release cortisol. This can make it difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep. There are many lifestyle factors that play into chronic stress, insomnia and poor sleep quality. But even small steps can help you maximize these vital hours of repair and rejuvenation. 

The bedtime routine is one. Just 30 minutes of coming down from the day can play a huge role in improving sleep. It's also a really lovely way to practice self-care.  Rather than reaching for a glass of wine and Netflix, try elevating your bedtime with a routine that gives your nervous system a warm hug. 

It doesn't need to be elaborate. Set a notification on your phone 30 minutes before your ideal bedtime. Something to remind you to take care of yourself.

1. Turn off screens. Seriously. Put your phone down. Set it to white noise, airplane mode, whatever, but you're done responding to that device. 

2. Put your legs up the wall, or sit comfortably, breathe slowly for even 5 minutes. You can count your breaths or on the inhale and exhale repeat a mantra to let the day go. Breathe in: I. Breathe out: forgive. Forgive yourself, let other wrongs go, you did your best today, let it go. 

Bonus: Use an essential oil blend at your temples and wrists to trigger your mind to know it's time to let go. 

3. Relax. Read, journal, talk with your partner, play music, pray, take a bath, do recovery yoga. 

4. Enjoy a warm drink. As part of Penny's routine she always sips a sleepy, caffeine free tea with a Telos Collagen Booster in it. DYK Collagen is high in glycine? Ingesting this non-essential amino acid before bed "subjectively and objectively improves sleep quality in humans who have difficulty sleeping." Collagen also supports your body to complete the full repair job it does all night! 


  • Heat water and steep your favorite tea
  • Stir in your favorite Telos Booster
  • Sip and relax

Good night! 


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