Collagen 101

Collagen 101

I have been humbled by your feedback since we starting selling our Collagen Latte’s and Collagen Booster’s online last month. I am personally thankful to finally be sharing Telos with you, and it has been a blessing to hear how much you enjoy them and how they have been working for you. I have received some questions specifically asking about collagen so wanted to take this opportunity to explain to all of you why I use collagen and the benefits of it for your health.


 What is Collagen?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and is found in various areas including bones, connective tissue, hair and skin. Our bodies slow down the production of collagen in our 20’s, so it is beneficial to supplement with collagen not only as a high quality protein source but to replenish the collagen your body is unable to produce as you age. The collagen in Telos Collagen Booster’s is sourced from grass fed and pasture-raised bovine from New Zealand and Brazil. I am a firm supporter of the humane treatment of these animals as well as the farmers that grow our ingredients, so you can trust I have sourced the most sustainable and highest quality ingredients available. I ask the suppliers the tough and important questions prioritizing the health and well being of you, the animals, and the farmers. 


What are the Benefits of Collagen?

The primary use of collagen in Telos products is as a high quality protein source fueling you as well as serving as a building block for your muscles and bones. All of our products deliver at least 10 grams of protein per serving. Collagen contains 19 amino acids and is unique compared to other protein sources in that it has a high concentration of hydroxyproline, proline, and glycine, which are deficient in our modern diet. These are the primary amino acids responsible for collagen production in our bodies resulting in more elastic, less painful joints. Collagen is also an easily digestible protein, which reduces inflammation in the gut and helps with blood sugar stabilization.

What about Collagen and Beauty?

The collagen peptides also reach your hair, skin and nails, and given their ability to regenerate these areas of your body from the inside out collagen has become very popular as a beauty supplement. For example, our skin is over 75% collagen so it is important to foster collagen production in order to enhance skin health and elasticity. An important piece to understand is that the benefits of collagen are maximized through ingesting it as opposed to topical solutions. We love there are additional “beauty” benefits of collagen, but the health and wellness benefits of collagen are most important to us and why we have selected it as a key ingredient in Telos. 


When to use Collagen?

Consuming the Collagen Latte’s or adding the Collagen Booster’s to beverages and foods in the morning are fantastic ways to stabilize your blood sugar early in the day. Additionally, they will help with mental clarity to maximize your productivity. I also developed the Collagen Booster’s to be consumed later in the evening. I add them to a caffeine free tea as a sleep aid and to calm my endocrine system. What we eat can be very disruptive to our sleep, especially anything high in sugar, so our Collagen Booster’s are a great way to build, heal, and rest our bodies throughout the night.


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