Cake & Coffee — Telos x Beehold

Cake & Coffee — Telos x Beehold

I am so excited to announce a very sweet partnership with one of my favorite Boulder companies: Beehold Cakes. The founder, Laura, is a dear friend and we have been working tirelessly (I mean it's pretty delicious work, but still) to create a pairing as healthy as it is decadent. A breakfast (or anytime treat) as scrumptious as it is sustaining. 

Yes, eat cake for breakfast! We're proud to say the cake is not only gluten-free but also grain AND sugar free! Even the icing is sweetened with monk fruit. And you know our Lattes; the absolute highest quality hydrolyzed collagen combined with coconut cream and organic coffee. All you add is hot water.

You can buy this pairing, Cake & Coffee here. For the month of March, you'll enjoy a sweet deal — getting the pairing for $63.75. After March the price will increase to $74.99. Right now we are only shipping to our home state of Colorado. 

Get to know Laura and I in this fun interview with Laura's daughter and business partner, Tiana! 

We are so excited to share this delicious partnership with you — looking forward to hearing how you enjoy cake for breakfast! 

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Hi, can I get just the cake? I am a tea drinker. I don’t drink coffee, never developed a taste for it.

Meghan M Martelon Evans

So excited!

Sarah Robinson

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